group of girls

Girls are wonderful, creative, and fun. Their passionate approach to life contains the seeds of immense power. To preserve their self-esteem and capacity for self-advocacy and self-compassion, they need opportunities to develop their strengths and passions, experience their efficacy and agency.


Our summer camps are fun, playful, educational, and empowering for young women. In a shared journey of self-discovery, the young women form supportive bonds and learn valuable relationship and collaboration skills. They emerge with initiative and confidence to better negotiate the world they live in.

Based on social emotional and inquiry learning methods, girls explore and express their perspectives, experiences, and identities through art and media. They may read fiction, write personal narratives and/or poetry, create films or visual arts, and produce original theater. The themes* of each session emerge from the stories of the girls themselves as they craft art to express their ideas.

*Possible themes might include body image, social media, friendships among girls, authentic leadership, self-esteem, self-advocacy, gender identity, self-care and compassion, the effects of sexual objectification in media, perfectionism and anxiety.